Formation of Pakistan Foundry Association began in the early half of year 2003, when a few foundries started working on the use of computer simulation technology for foundry in Pakistan. It was realized that technology growth issues can not produce enormous results unless they are taken up on common platform. Responding to this idea some of the Leading foundries teamed up for creating the structure of this great idea.
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) of Pakistan guided PFA through it’s stage of inception and the organization was registered on 15th March, 2004.


PFA Objectives:

•  To develop skill in various foundry trades through training and expert’s advise.
To promote establishment of training institutes for foundry technology and assist in transfer of technology.
•  To facilitate export/import related activities of the members.
To represent the foundry industry at Domestic and International forums.
•  To promote trade, commerce and manufacture of foundry products for the local and global markets.
To correlate the foundry industries of Pakistan with the latest international manufacturing practices.
To subscribe and cooperate with other associations and organizations, to collect information for the members.
To compile data on foundry inputs and undertake analysis.
PFA Activities:
Foundry Congress & Exhibition (5th IFCE 02-03 December 2014)
Pakistan Foundry Association (PFA) is a registered organization ,dedicated to the technological up gradation of the foundry sector in Pakistan, which is the base industry for the growth of engineering & allied industries worldwide.
PFA organized its 5th Foundry Congress and Exhibition (IFCE-2014) in December 2014 which was a huge success. 600 delegates participated from India, China, Turkey, Austria, Germany and Untied Kingdom and 56 leading companies exhibited in this event.
The Association organized its 5th International Foundry Congress and Exhibition (5th IFCE-2014) on 02-03 Decmber, 2014 to introduce Pakistani foundries globally. This event covered the entire segment of foundry industry ranging from suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers of foundry machinery to the product range of foundries from large, medium & small sized sectors.
Foundry sector in Pakistan is experiencing an unprecedented growth from the last few years, as the European and U.S. markets are focusing on this region of the world. Quality issues and improved manufacturing methods are big issues in SMEs in foundry sector.
This international event provided an opportunity for the members of the casting industry to interact with international and domestic machinery and equipment manufacturers, suppliers and foundry technologists.
Internationally renowned speakers discussed various foundry issues and shared their knowledge and experience through technical papers. They provided an insight into the global technology developments, future market prospects and raw materials.
Pakistani speakers gave an insight into the present growth and development in Pakistani foundry sector. In this event various Government Agencies and a large number of visitors from various industrial sectors participated.
The participation of your company in this mega event will play a vital role in the development of your business in this growing foundry sector.
We look forward to your early confirmation, so that the event may be organized in a better way. For more updates & details of event, please visit: and for any queries, feel free to contact us.
Foundry Service Center (FSC)
The basic problem of the Foundry industry was the scarcity of trained manpower. To arrest this issue amicably FSC Ground Breaking Ceremony was held recently in UET, Lahore, Pakistan.
The operation of Foundry Service Center at Lahore will enable the foundry sector to avail the modern facilities like Computer Aided Pattern Designing, Material Testing, Training and R & D.
Organizing Seminars
Pakistan Foundry Association is also organizing the seminars on various topics to aware Pakistani Foundrymen about the international requirements and future prospects of foundry industry through out the year.
News Letter Element
PFA has taken initiative to publish its newsletter element on quarterly basis.
Foundry sector in Pakistan is experiencing an unprecedented growth in the last few years as the European and US markets are focusing on this region of the world. They are sharing their knowledge and technological up gradation through print (i.e. Newsletters, Journals, and Technical Papers) and electronic sources (i.e. Internet, simulation software and computerized equipments).

PFA has owned this challenge to upgrade the Pakistani Foundry Industry and PFA-Newsletter is a part of this noble cause.

This newsletter will have the following objectives:-

1. A unique platform to advertise your products.
2. An opportunity to increase your potential by exploring the emerging and established markets.
3. To enhance the corporate image of your company by identifying with the renowned companies
4. Locally and internationally.
5. Raw material suppliers’ list and prices.
6. Latest updates regarding foundry sector locally and internationally.
7. Advertisements of new inventions by local and international foundries.
8. Suggestions by the professional.
9. Queries and their solutions.
10. Current issues which the foundry industry is facing today and their solutions.