IFCE 2012

Welcome Dinner to Foreign Delegates

Lahore is the traditional capital of Punjab for a thousand years it had been the cultural center of northern India extending form Peshawar to New Delhi. Lahore is the city of poets, artists and the center of film industry. It has been the largest number of educational institutions in the country. Apart from being the cultural and academic center of the country Lahore is showcase for Mughal architecture in Pakistan. Lahore was a thriving cultural center of the great Mughal Empire. They beautified the Lahore with palaces, gardens and mosques. Its faded elegances, busy streets and bazaar and wide verity of Islamic and British architecture make it a city full of atmosphere, contrast and surprise.

The warm and receptive people of Lahore are known for their traditional hospitality. Lahore can be best described as a city that is just so wonderful, very fabulous that every nook and corner of the city speaks certain vibrance, zeal and spirit of life which cannot be found anywhere in the world. 

Lahore cuisine refers to the food and cuisine of the city of Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan. Lahore is a city with an extremely rich food culture. People from Lahore are famous all over the country for their love for food. The city offers a vast variety of options when it comes to gastronomy. In recent times, the style of food has achieved popularity in a number of different countries, because of its palatable and milder taste, mainly through the Pakistani culture.

PFA keeping up the hospitality traditions of Lahore hosted a sumptuous dinner to welcome the foreign delegates and members of executive committee at Avari Hotel. Mr. Sikandar Mustafa Khan President Pakistan Foundry Association in his welcome address he thanked all the guests who travelled all the way from their home town to participate in 4th IFCE. He said it is a great pleasure for me to see you in this evening and your interaction with local foundry men. I am very much encouraged to see you with us and sure we will learn from your experience to improve our technology and skills. I hope you will find some time to go around and visit some of the historical buildings that are here and perhaps you will enjoy the cuisine which was shown in the video. Prior to Mr. S.M.Khan speech a very beautiful documentary video on historic city of Lahore, its culture, cuisine, architecture of the great Mughal Empire in Pakistan. I hope you will have a chance to visit historical places of Lahore and may enjoy the cuisine of Lahore taste. Well I wish you a wonderful stay in Pakistan.

In the next step Mr. Maood Akhtar Vice-President of Pakistan Foundry Association also welcomed the foreign delegates and participants. He talked about the history of PFA and its objectives for the up gradation in technology and skills development. To improve the quality of foundry products to meet international standards simulation software has been installed in the Foundry Service Center at University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. He asked local foundry men to get the benefit from this software which is easy to access.

He added that Pakistan Foundry Association is publishing ELEMENT a quarterly magazine having rich material about foundry and castings. it is widely distributed to all foundry men locally and internationally, to academia, students of engineering, metallurgy, materials and all relevant government offices. He suggested those who have not seen it yet please go through it positively. It is also available on our website www.pfa.org.pk.

Pakistan Foundry Association website where you can find substantial material and information related to local and international foundries. There are all international foundry magazines whose links are uploaded on our website and you can get latest updates about the technology and what is latest in the world. 








4th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE) was a hallmark in the history of Pakistan Foundry Association. We had more than sixty delegates from abroad and to give a felling of ownership PFA presented momentous to all of them. I am sure 4th IFCE was an event to remember long and this momentous will remind them time and again.

4th International Foundry Congress and Exhibition

Pakistan Foundry Association has successfully organized 4th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition on Dec 05-06 2012 at hotel Pearl Continental Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistan Foundry Association is a registered organization, member of the World Foundry Organization (WFO) and engaged for the development of foundry sector in Pakistan for technological up-gradation and skills development. The foundry industry is the base for the growth of engineering and allied industries worldwide. For the economical development of Pakistan, the importance of the foundry/ engineering industry cannot be over emphasized.

The 4th IFCE – 2012 provided an opportunity to Investors, machinery manufacturers, foundry supply companies and service providers to showcase their products and services to their counterparts and potential customers and make alliances. The forum also provided a platform to eminent academicians and technologist from worldwide to come together and to discuss advances and technical opportunities.

It is a matter of satisfaction this year we have ever higher number of participation from Pakistan, Italy, UK, Germany, Netherland, Turkey, China, India and Japan. Pakistan Foundry Association thanks all foreign and local speakers, technologist, delegates and exhibitors who traveled especially to participate in this mega event and have discussed advances and technical opportunities available in the world.

The objective of Pakistan Foundry Association is to provide a platform for the growth of foundry industry and 4th IFCE was organized to correlate the foundry industries of Pakistan with the latest international manufacturing practices.

Pakistan is set to grow as a producer and exporter of castings expected high growth in auto sector, tractor industry and agriculture machinery, truck and bus sector. Pakistan is still an economical market and our prices are comparable with good quality beside energy crises in the industry.


It is my privilege to welcome Mr. Abdul Razaq Dawood, distinguished foreign delegates, commercial consular’s, guests and ladies and gentlemen in the 4th IFCE. I am pleased to have Mr. Razaq Dawood with us despite all his engagements and the busy schedule. He is an entrepreneur and the chairman of largest business houses in Pakistan and globally recognized businessman, ex-minister for commerce, industry & trade. He spared his valuable time to be with us. He is a source of encouragement for the engineering industry because of his long association.

He said PFA is a very young organization and was established in 2003, and registered in 2004. It is undoubtedly in uphill task with the efforts of executive committee of PFA. It is time to keep this organization moving, expanding and developing interest in our foreign participants to visit Pakistan. I thank them on this special occasion. The last year was very important for PFA because it took couple of initiatives which will push forward, skill development one of our main objectives. We have been able to establish the Foundry Service Center at the University Engineering Technology with the help of SMEDA and I will be failing in my duty if I did not mention Akram Sheikh who was in that time the chairmen of planning commission who provided funding for the government.
The institution is now well established within UET and Inshallah we hope to start the classes early next year. Another step in this direction was collaboration with the TEVTA, where we have specifically designed a course for foundry technology and we have already got a class of 25 students being trained there for the various foundries, who have sponsored them.

Today, we have participation from China, India, UK, Japan, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Netherland and I am very pleased and thankful to our friends from India despite their various difficulties have been able to come across and joined us on this occasion. Today we are also going to provide the opportunities to all our members to interact with foreign delegates and local participants in developing ideas of interaction in the foundry technology, in globalizing our products and to be able to introduce to our foreign friend the local industry and local market potential that we have here. We have as you know a large automobile industry about 500,000 vehicles, 80,000 tractors and products from other sectors sugar mills, cement, chemical, fertilizer industries and other heavy engineering products required in the country. We produce almost 400 thousand tons cast iron and different forms of mould metal but there is still a bigger potential of developing parts which are imported in Pakistan.

I think Pakistan is today at the beginning of an era which will I am sure improve the foundry technology industry in Pakistan and we will be able to be one of the global player as we are inspiring to do with all our efforts. I thank you Mr. Razaq Dawood for being with us today, and I thank all the participants and delegates, who have taken time out to be here.


Updates of PFA Activities

Mr. Masud Akhtar - vice president said, PFA is indeed a young organization which was formed in 2003 and became operational in 2004, when the leading foundries realized that technology growth issues cannot produce enormous results unless they are taken up on common platform. Responding to this idea some of the Leading foundries teamed up for creating the structure of this great idea. The mandate was clear that this very important segment of our society of industry need to be updated and to make competitive locally and globally. We conducted number of activities including foundry congress and exhibitions, specific initiatives regarding trainings and providing a platform to our industries whereby they really to takeoff.

Our objectives are very clear to provide a voice and a strong channel of communication to represent the foundry industry and the raise issues at the concerned quarters. He said training is one of our main objectives as most of our foundries are in SME sector. We felt that this is very important to train them effectively, introduce them to the best practices to the latest technology available in the market. Helping our members for the import and export activities is another objective and we are doing it effectively and the results are clear demonstration of plan. Another important area for us was bridging the gap between academia and industry. It has been talked a lot but our objective was very clear to really develop an effective linkage with academia and industry gets support from their strength.

He said there are almost 1800 foundries operating in Pakistan, mostly in the SME sector and we have about 350 - 400 thousand tons of casting capacity, and we cast ferrous and non ferrous material. In addition to the black material of grey iron all foundries have the capacity and competence to really cast special material steel and duplex style steel. These kinds of steels are very rare and very few foundries in the world have the capacity and capability to do it. Our foundries are primly engaged in manufacturing, casting for auto sector, tractors and to support effectively in the cement sector, chemical, paper, sugar, fertilizer industries by manufacturing consumer parts for them. The agriculture implements are also one of the important areas where our foundries are playing very effective role. So we cover the entire spectrum of the industry and we support them very effectively by providing them products, parts as OEM.

PFA is indeed a young organization, some of the milestones are we held three IFCE and we are in 4th IFCE today, we organized it every alternate year Mahsallah very professionally. This gives an opportunity to our foundries to interact with the international foundry men, suppliers, customers and stake holders to improve technology and increase the business.
We have also provided state of the art foundry simulation software at Foundry Service Center in UET Lahore, to train the students on this latest technology as well as offer the service to our foundries so that they can simulate their castings and to identify and diagnose their problems.

Training is certainly an important area for us and we have great strength in it. Our Foundry Service Center has been setup at UET and the first batch will be inducted very shortly. This is really state of the art facility that has been created and I am sure the problem of industry facing shortage of trained man power will be addressed by this initiative. Technical training and seminars we are conducting regularly to update our foundry people about latest technology and techniques in our area.

We also offer internship programs to the students of engineering universities in Pakistan. The students get explore and being trained on the floor about the foundry technology and the industry getting advantage from young students working for them during summer vocations and this has started bringing fruits.

PFA publishes quarterly ELEMENT magazine it has rich contents related to foundry technologies and circulated widely locally and internationally. If you have not seen it I strongly recommend to have a look on it.

PFA has also provided a facility of international foundry magazines and their links are on the website www.pfa.org.pk. That is another facility available to update the knowledge. PFA has a professional website and I recommend to please do visit it for global interaction.

We provide growth potential and are exporting 60 to 70 million dollars of castings to almost all parts of the world and this includes high quality of different materials. it is a great achievement of PFA and its members. We are gaining and expending the market share by increasing our figures every year. It is primarily an offering to the world because we have low labor cost and have a huge domestic market. These two areas give us a very strong advantage to be an important player globally. We also have facility of infrastructure and we can provide comparative infrastructure in very short period of time as well. The environment, skills standard and requirements are not very stringent in our market as globally. So we can offer certain advantages related to this area. Once again I would like to thank all of you to be here and the expression we have that is a clear proves of our progress and commitment of sector in our offering.

It was a matter of great pleasure that Mr. Abdul Raze Dagwood the Chairman Pakistan Business Council and Managing Director of Deacon Engineering Limited inaugurated the 4th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition. In his inaugural address he said I stand here more as a mechanical engineer then I do as a chief guest being involved in the engineering industry for the last 30 years and going through the various challenges that we all face as engineers in Pakistan. First of all I would like to congratulate the PFA for organizing 4th IFCE and the achievements what they have in such a short time.

I do remember the situation when the association was formed and it is very pleasing to see its members are increasing but more pleasing to see that the association is now slowly but shortly developing into an institution. The association is trying to absorb and bringing new technologies, improving their working methods and quality. It is a matter of pleasure this association is unlike many others they don’t rush to Islamabad to seek protection on any issue rather they look inward into themselves as a collective body to improve themselves and through their own efforts bringing better technology from world resources. I acknowledge that the association is spending a lot of time on skill development in manpower and the availability of skilled labor will remove the major hurdle and the industries will go running smoothly.

I have heard from Mr. Masud Akhtar - vice president that the foundry industry getting into the export market and have achieved 60 to 70 million US dollar in the year 2011. Excellent I think it is a good beginning of a small industry like this I repute you internally, please set this self standard, a target that you will achieve a $ 100 million so you can all work for and achieve it. The real challenge is that you have a big domestic market but while looking at the domestic market do not overlook the great challenge that we have and opportunities in the international market. I do know that some of the member of the PFA have gone overseas and have gone even as far as Central America and are doing a very good job in various industries over there.

I thank foreign delegates very much for coming and visiting us. I want to just say that why Pakistan, why should you look to Pakistan and what has Pakistan and its engineering industries over all and the foundry business in particular, have to offer. To each of you delegates, we unfortunately have not a very good perception but my request is go beyond the perception. We are not the people who just read in the headlines we request you people to go into the details and look at our engineering industry what would you see, a group of people who are very eager to learn, willing to look at new technology and have the desire and ability to absorb the new ways of working.

We all are struggling hard to meet the international quality standard, schedule standard and comparable prices. We all work hard and know that we can be and in some cases we are internationally competitive. I asked the members of association please do not forget to go out in the world and reach out your customers. My own personal experience going out overseas countries for the last 25 years and I can say that in all our endeavors we can be competitive and we all can be good seller of corporate Pakistan. Finally I would like to congratulate all that you are slowly but surely move forward the foundry industry which is very very important industry for people like us. We also love to depend more and more on the effort of this association and from looking at so the cost structure and Inshallah we will be and we can be internationally competitive and meet the standards.

I very heartily congratulate the Pakistan Foundry Association and inshallah you will reach the greater heights. Thank you very much once again.


Mr. Shahid Hakeem CEO Bolan Casting (PVT) LTD thanked the chief guest for his presence to grace this event. He specially thanked all foreign guests travelled specially from their home towns to participate in 4th IFCE and hope to be fruitful their trip. He said this time we are having greater number of participant from abroad e.g. India, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Japan, China, UK and Netherland including local participants. He invited all the guests to do come in the next event.


4th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition was organized with the financial support of M/S FOSECO and leading foundry men and members of Pakistan Foundry Association. They were the major contributors and their participation has been acknowledged by presenting them momentous by the chief guest Mr. Abdul Razaq Dawood. They are:

4th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition was organized with the financial support of M/S FOSECO and leading foundry men and members of Pakistan Foundry Association. They were the major contributors and their participation has been acknowledged by presenting them momentous by the chief guest Mr. Abdul Razaq Dawood. They are:


- Mr. Bulent Tutanco                   Regional Manager, m/s FOSECO Turkey
- Mr. Irfan Aqeel                        CEO, m/s Millat Tractors (Pvt) Ltd
- Mr. Shahid Ahmen Hakim        CEO, m/s Bolan Castings (Pvt) Ltd
- Mr. Ahmed Hassan                   CEO, m/s Chenab Engineering Works & Foundries (Pvt) Ltd
- Mr. Adil J. Mansoor                Chief Executive, m/s Excel Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
- Mr. Masud Akhtar                   Managing Director, m/s KSB Pumps (Pvt) Ltd
- Mr. Irfan Qadri                      Director, m/s Qadri Group (Pvt) Ltd
- Mr. Pervez Mahmood              General Manager, m/s Ravi Autos (Pvt) Ltd


Pakistan Foundry Association organized three consecutive programs during this event including scientific sessions. Exhibition of foundry products and sourcing pavilion. Exhibition provided an opportunity to investors, machinery manufacturers, foundry supply companies, service providers and potential customers to make alliances.

The objective of PFA is to correlate the foundry industry of Pakistan with the latest international manufacturing technology and practices to promote the trade, commerce and industry of foundry products in local and international markets.

Mr. Abdul Razaq Dawood opened the exhibition and visited almost all stalls with greater interest. He spent good time at each stalls and appreciated the products developed locally and asked questions about the new technology they have adopted. He greeted and welcomed foreign exhibitors like IMF, RUD, OMEGA, Inductotherm, Magatherm, Electrotherm, Garji, Ajay Sysicon……present in this mega event.


Mr. Sikandar Mustafa Khan, President PFA personely visited each stall and distributed the certificates of partiicpation to the exhibitors. He thanked them for their endeavors to make 4th IFCE a great success. He welcomed the foreign exhibitors once again and asked them to join us in the next event too.

For Scientific Session and Gala Night Dinner click here