Pakistan Foundry Association

Pakistan Foundry Association was established in the early half of year 2003 and was registered on 15th March, 2004 with the vision to provide a platform for the growth of the Foundry Industry by improving skills and upgrading technology with special emphasis on small and medium sized Foundries. When a few foundries started working on the use of computer simulation technology for foundry in Pakistan, it was realized that technology growth issues cannot produce enormous results unless they are taken up on common platform. Responding to this idea some of the leading foundries teamed up for creating the structure of this great idea.

Members of the association are encouraged to develop a relation that will promote and enhance cooperation, exchange of ideas and experience among the members. PFA has decided to accelerate its efforts in developing the local foundry sector for export markets. Pakistan is set to grow as a producer and exporter of castings, expecting high growth in the auto sector, tractor industry, agriculture machinery, truck and bus sectors.

PFA Objectives

- To develop skill in various foundry trades through training and expert’s advise.
- To promote establishment of training institutes for foundry technology and assist in transfer of technology.
- To facilitate export/import related activities of the members.
- To represent the foundry industry at Domestic and International forums.
- To promote trade, commerce and manufacture of foundry products for the local and global markets.
- To correlate the foundry industries of Pakistan with the latest international manufacturing practices.
- To cooperate with other associations and organizations, to collect information for the members.
- To compile data on foundry inputs and undertake analysis. 
Milestones in the Journey of PFA
International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE)

Over the last ten years, PFA has organized 4 International Foundry Congress & Exhibitions in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. IFCE provides an opportunity to interact with the international buyers and customers.  A number of foreign countries have been participating in IFEC including Turkey, India, China, UK, Italy, Germany, Japan, Vietnam and Czech Republic etc.
5th IFCE Pakistan Foundry Association will organize 5th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE - 2014) on Dec 02, 03 -2014 at Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore – Pakistan. The 5th IFCE – 2014 will provide an opportunity to Investors, machinery manufacturers, foundry material suppliers and service providers to showcase their products and services to their counterparts and potential customers to make alliances. The forum shall also provide a platform to the participants to get together & discuss advancements and opportunities in foundry business with eminent academicians and technologists from many parts of the world.

The participation of International guests and speakers from Europe, China, India, UK, Turkey, representatives from European & Asian Foundry Associations has been ensured. This mega event will also provide a networking opportunity for members of foundry industry as well as its supply & service sectors.
 ELEMENT Magazine  Pakistan Foundry Association is publishing a quarterly magazine “Element” from PFA Secretariat since 2009. The idea behind printing Element is to share knowledge for the technological up gradation through print media. It is distributed to all leading teaching institutes of Pakistan (dealing in metallurgy), all related government officials, foundrymen all over Pakistan, steel mills, (steel alloys and foundry suppliers, sugar mills, cement factories. It is sent online to foundries in India and other Asian countries members of Asia Foundry Forum, foundrymen in Europe, Iran & GIFA participants. Element is your guide to enhance the corporate image of companies and to grow your business to advertise in.  
Website PFA is in link with 65 international foundry associations and receiving number of international foundry journals also linked on website for our readers. Here you can find profile, members list and lot of activities of PFA since its creation along with useful links.
Foundry Service Center (FSC) The basic problem of the Foundry industry was the scarcity of trained manpower. This issue is being addressed with the development of Foundry Service Center at UET Lahore. Mr. Shahid Rashid – C.E.O (SMEDA), Lt. Gen. (Retd) Muhammad Akram Khan – V.C (UET) and Mr. Sikandar Mustafa Khan – President (PFA) laid down on Feb 25, 2010 the foundation stone of Foundry Service Center (FSC) at UET premises.The operation of Foundry Service Center at Lahore will enable the foundry sector to avail the modern facilities like Computer Aided Pattern Designing, Material Testing, Training and R & D. Foundry Simulation Software has been provided to the Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, UET, Lahore on the recommendation of PFA, to their students for a better understanding of mold filling, solidification, mechanical properties, cost control and extensive database, etc.
Internship for Metallurgical Students In continuation to our services since 2009, PFA will provide internship in the year 2014 to the student of B. Sc Metallurgical & Material engineering U.E.T Lahore, Punjab University, Bahau-din Zakarya University- Multan, NED Karachi, NUST - Islamabad & GIKI - Topi Khyber Pakhtun Kha etc. Our prime objective is for the up gradation of technology and skills development by building up bridges between Academia & Manufacturers resulting in Technical & Human Resource development. PFA has special emphasis on the job training and have invited students for internship in the member foundries.
 Technical Seminars To up-grade knowledge of foundrymen in small medium industry, technical seminars and workshops are regularly organized by Pakistan Foundry Association. I.e. A two days Interactive Workshop was held on 7-8 November, 2013 in Foundry Service Center U.E.T Lahore, conducted by Mr. Joop Kikkert - senior foundry expert PUM, Netherlands. This workshop was intended to coach the foundry engineers who are responsible for the Method Engineering (designing of Gating / Running Systems in molds) / Charge Calculations for Cupola / Induction Furnace, Green Sand Preparation and dealing with Defect Analysis of various castings.
PUM, Netherlands is a non-profit organization for the promotion of sustainability, entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency of small and medium-sized enterprise locally. PUM deploys Dutch senior managers and experts to provide assistance to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Mr. Sjaak Vink-Country Coordinator, PUM for Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia visited PFA office at September 16, 2013.
GIZ, a German organization offered Energy Management System (EnMS). After proving EnMS cost benefits in 25 textile industries, GIZ and SMEDA aimed to introduce this system in foundry industry of Pakistan. As a pilot project 5 foundries are picked on merit basis and they are getting the services of EnMS free of cost. Addionally GIZ is been requested to offer their EnMS services to 3 more member foundries of PFA.
CBI is an Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supporting 48 developing countries in 27 sectors, providing them sustainable strengthening of the competitive capacity of SME exporters and producers, focusing primarily on European markets. Export Coaching Program (ECP) has been started by CBI in Pakistan in which PFA has been enrolled as a Business Development Organization. 
 International Foundry Exhibitions 
To facilitate export/import related activities of the members, Pakistan Foundry Association organize delegations to participate in international exhibitions GIFA, IFEX, MMI, Turkcast, and Automechanica.
PFA Executive Committee Meeting with Indian High Commissioner
His Excellency Dr. T.C.A. Raghavan - Indian High Commissioner had a meeting with of PFA Executive Committee on March 19, 2014 at Avari Hotel, Lahore.It was a fruitful meeting to understand and discuss matters of mutual interest and business development between India and Pakistan. India has progressed in the development of technology and machinery which can be beneficial for Pakistan. Our members are interested to get advantage of this opportunity due to easy access and economical prices of machinery. Additionally, we feel there is potential to cooperate in HR development with technical institutes in India for technical managers, floor-shop supervisors and for skill development. In PFA’s presentation we discussed suggestions to facilitate issuance of visa for the members of PFA. I thank you for your positive response and feel this will promote interaction for trade.
PAKTURK Business Association (PTBA)
On 9th March, 2014 PFA had a meeting with PTBA at their office.  The objective of this meeting was to give a brief introduction of foundry sector of Pakistan and Pakistan Foundry Association to Secretary General PTBA – Mr. Nida Yilmaz. He appreciated the role and efforts of PFA for the development of foundry sector. He offered to introduce 5th IFCE in Turkish and African foundries and will invite them to participate.