5th IFCE

The 5th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE) held on Dec 02 & 03, 2014 in Lahore Pakistan

Pakistan Foundry Association was established with the vision to provide a platform for the growth of the foundry industry by improving skills and up-grading technology with special emphasis on small and medium sized foundries. It is also a data bank of relevant subjects of interest for those engaged in the business. The importance of the foundry engineering cannot be over emphasized and the role it can play for the economic development of Pakistan with its high value adding possibilities.

The objectives of PFA are . . .

- To facilitate export/ import related activities of the members.
- To represent the foundry industry at Domestic and International forums.
- To promote trade, commerce and manufacture of foundry products for the local and global markets.

PFA is helping Pakistan Foundry Industry in gearing up to grow as a producer and exporter of castings. It is worth mentioning that foundry products exports during the year 2012 -13 was 295 million US Dollar (24%) out of total engineering goods export 1215 million US Dollar. These figures are progressive and export is in up-swing since 2008-09, means that foundry sector is growing in Pakistan. The activities and support of PFA has proved, foundry industry of Pakistan has great potential to support the economy of Pakistan by exporting castings to multiple countries on the globe.

Pakistan Foundry Association organized 5th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE - 2014)  held on Dec 02, 03 – 2014 in Lahore – Pakistan. The 5th IFCE – 2014 provided an opportunity to Investors, machinery manufacturers, foundry material suppliers and service providers to showcase their products and services to their counterparts and potential customers to make alliances. The forum also provided a platform to the participants to get together & discuss advancements and opportunities in foundry business with eminent academicians and technologists from many parts of the world.

The participation of International guests and speakers from Europe, China, India, UK, Turkey, representatives from European & Asian Foundry Associations has been ensured. This mega event also provided a networking opportunity for members of foundry industry as well as its supply & service sectors.

There is no doubt Pakistan is still an economical market with quality production lying between the two giants India and China. It is a convincing factor for Turkish foundries who can import Pakistani casting products for their local production and to export to their European customers.  PFA has decided to accelerate its efforts in developing the local foundry sector for export markets.

You are cordially invited to participate in 6th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE - 2016) to be held on Nov 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan organized by Pakistan Foundry Association.  For your accommodation we have arranged your stay in the same hotel of the event and various other hotels for your convenient stay. Please visit   http://www.pfa.org.pk/info/Hotels-For-Room-Book/533/0  for room booking and find attached Hall Layout (to select stall for your choice), Stall Booking Form and Delegation Registration Form.

Adding charm to your trip for 5th IFCE, you will enjoy visiting Lahore; the traditional capital of Punjab for a thousand years it had been the cultural center of northern India extending form Peshawar to New Delhi. Lahore is the city of poets, artists and the center of film industry. It has the largest number of educational institutions in the country.

Apart from being the cultural and academic center of the country Lahore is showcase for Mughal architecture in Pakistan. Lahore was a thriving cultural center of the great Mughal Empire. They beautified the Lahore with palaces, gardens and mosques. Its faded elegance, busy streets and bazaar and wide verity of Islamic and British architecture make it a city full of atmosphere, contrast and surprise.

Best Regards,

Abdul Rashid
Pakistan Foundry Association


Pakistan Foundry Association cordially invites you to attend 5th IFCE – 2014 and add this

date to your calendar. This will also be an excellent opportunity for participants to visit the historic city of Lahore.


For further details regarding exhibition IFCE - 2014,  please contact PFA Secretariat:-

Cell #: +92-322-8487873

Emails: pakistanfoundryassociation@gmail.com/ info@pfa.org.pk